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Patty former RBF 125

For perfect forming

The REX RBF 125 burger machine provides the ideal mechanical solution to shape round, oval or square burgers for all small to medium sized businesses. The burger machine is easy and uncomplicated to use and connect to the REX Vacuum filling machine and is controlled by use of the Vacuum Fillers control panel. The Vacuum Filler then fils the appropriate portion size into the selected mould; the mould is then moved horizontally by pneumatic cylinders and ejected onto the conveyor belt. No special tools are required for the easy change of the various moulds depending on the desired size. This ensures a quick changeover between different products.

The RBF 125 burger machine is mounted on to the FB 100 conveyor belt. After moulding, the burgers are pushed onto the belt which transports them away; they can then easily be lifted by hand from the belt. For very sticky mixtures the burger machine comes as standard with a water spray device, thus ensuring a trouble free operation.

The burger sizes from 60-130 mm in diameter and 8-25 mm in height can be easily selected by inserting a different mould disc.

The advantages at a glance

  • Appliance easy to operate and adjust
  • Unique hygiene design for easy and fast cleaning
  • Very short downtimes when changing moulding discs
  • Accepts a wide range different sized moulding discs
  • Exact portion weight and size
  • Efficient working process

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