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Dumpling shaper

For formal perfection

The meatball former as part of the REX Formingline allows a number of different raw materials to be shaped automatically. It is easy to attach to a REX vacuum filling machine without the need for any alterations. Our customary REX quality ensures optimum results reducing the product quality.

It is easy to attach the REX meatball former, which is mounted on its own wheeled frame, to the outlet of a filling machine. It is electronically controlled through the clipping machine socket on the vacuum filling machine and has its own mains supply.

In the feed system, air is evacuated from the raw material, which is then cut into potions with the highest precision. Shaping heads available in a range of sizes permit the shaping of different sizes and shapes. Adjustments are very easy to make at the dumpling shaper. Output can be increased by fitting a double or triple shaping head.

The advantages at a glance

  • Perfect shaping
  • Simple attachment to the filling machine
  • Exact product weights
  • Increase in productivity
  • Easy handling

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