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RVF 760 - Vacuum filler

The innovative all-round solution

The RVF 760 is designed for industrial use. The housing with its smooth and hygienic design is self-supporting and entirely made out of stainless steel and ensures efficient cleaning. The conveyor system has been designed in such a way that during cleaning water can flow out of the feed system.

A simple pressure levelling piston ensures highest portioning accuracy. All models of the RVF 700 series can be equipped with a MC-3 in-line grinder.

RVF 760 can be delivered with a lifting/tipping device for 200-litre standard lifting trucks (optional). Two different hopper sizes can be selected according to the needs of the operation. Folding hoppers in volumes of 250 and 350 litres are available.

The feeder screw in the hopper ensures optimum in-feed for all non-viscous or viscous products into the rotary vane conveyor system.

The standard touchscreen control makes the machine easy to operate and can be used to drive various clipping machines and attachments. There is also the option of attaching the REX hanging system.

It goes without saying that the RVF 760 can always be fitted with a rotating or fixed casing holding device to make twisting of artificial or natural casings easy. The RVF 760 can easily be equipped with the REX in-line grinder technology, thus providing users with a wide range of possible applications.

The advantages at a glance

  • Large rotary vane conveyor system for gentle transport
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Modern hygiene design
  • Very simple operation thanks to 12“ touchscreen operation
  • Modern servo drive concept for accurate portioning
  • The folding hopper allows simple cleaning and variety change

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