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The integrated REX touchscreen

Control technology of the future

The fully integrated REX touchscreen is employed on all REX vacuum filling machines of types RVF 220 to 913 and ensure simple operation and setting for the user. All set parameters such as weight, speed etc. are constantly monitored and can be changed by the operator at all times. This control technology perfectly controls, monitors, and networks the production process.

Of course, all attachments, clipping machines as well as the REX twisting and calibration system can be controlled from the touchscreen. The result is optimum efficiency. In addition to the hard disc, all control data are also save to a memory card to ensure that no settings are lost. The integral service interval indicator draws the user’s attention to pending maintenance operations.

A maintenance plan is provided in the control system, allowing scheduled maintenance easily to be carried out by an in-house technician or a REX service engineer. This plan is stored in the control system and can be called up even after a year. The modem or ethernet interfaces as supplied permit direct communication between the appliance, the company's control panel and the customer service offsite. This allows the import and export of service and production data.

The control panel has the option of activating metal detectors whenever necessary. In addition, the control panel can be set to all major European languages as well as Asian languages. The Plexiglas cover of the control panel provides great protection against damage.

The advantages at a glance

  • Extremely simply operation and adjustment capabilities
  • Integrated maintenance interval display
  • Stored service plan
  • available in more than 200 languages
  • help function for user
  • 200 product memory spaces

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